The Largest Cult in the world: GNU/GPL

Where does your DONATION to the GNU cult end up? Does free software produce half a million dollars and then some, for its leaders?

Below we see Richard's goons. These are the folks that earn compensation from free software, without sharing it with the cult members - the GPL developers (programmers).

A little explanation:

Right in the goons' pockets. The lawyers alone receive about half a million dollars. This is a corporation, far from NON PROFIT.

Just to clarify further, the compensation image shows multiple salaries. It may be a little confusing when you first look at it. An example is Eben Moglen's total salary of over $281,000 many years ago (six figure income) if you total up the three salaries he gets (left to right in the image above). That's three salaries for one person. We're not talking about $281,000 of today's dollars; you have to consider inflation. Now the question is, could Eben Moglen have made about $50,000 comfortably back then, or $75,000... or even $45,000... really does he require a six figure millionaire's income? How do you stop your donation to GNU from being abused for personal profits of lawyer goons...

Now let's say that the free software lawyers and other staff members of GPL related organizations did have reasonable salaries such as $70,000 or $50,000 for a single person (not $280K). Even a fair salary of $50K would still mean that free software is developed with money, and lots of it since it is a yearly salary, going to multiple people that work for FSF and are affiliated with FSF. So what is this quote about:

"You see Free Software has been so successful because we have shown we can develop software without any money."
--Richard M. Stallman: The Dangers of Software Patents (2004-05-24)
It is an outright lie and complete nonsense.

Oh yes, GNU and FSF are sleazily masked as non-profit, especially with Stallman and his street bum appearance and clothing.

Cult leaders are always compensated much much more than the cult members. The cult members, the ones who use the GPL and LGPL license, write software mostly free of charge for the cult leaders to earn fame and money. Of course, Stallman says several times that "WE ARE ABLE TO PRODUCE SOFTWARE WITHOUT MONEY". Except, the half a million dollar compensation there that we see above.. paid to cult leaders. Some cult leaders receive three salaries for management, services, and fiddling with their nipples.

Little do the cult members (GPL software developers) know that they are supporting rich goons, the cult leaders, who horde all the funds for themselves.

How much money does FSF have?

Non-profit organizations in America are required to publish some financial info on This info is out of date but in 2001 they had $1,056,544. More info on that (Quote: "FSF is not a regular non-profit. It's a very closed organization that guards its secrets probably no less, if not more then any corporate or religious cult headquarters.").

When Richard Stallman and other GNUtard buffoons says things like "Free Software has been so successful because we have shown we can develop software without any money." (and this is an actual quote) you have to wonder, what pray tell is that 1 million dollars doing in their bank accounts then? What is Eben Moglen's $280K+ salary doing on paper, if free software has been successful because it is developed without any money? And hey, I thought this was about free speech, not free cost? Oh but it is about free cost: "we have shown we can develop software without any money." Is this not the same doublespeak we saw in 1984?

The cult members keep brainwashing people into thinking cost has nothing to do with it, or little to do with it, by repeating this nonsense: "it's about free speech, not free cost" over and over. Repeating something over and over does not make it true (again, people might want to see or read George Orwell's 1984).

Contradicting Hypocrisy, and idiocy

At one point in time, you will hear the crackpot hypocrite Mr. Stallman stating nonsense such as:

"You see Free Software has been so successful because we have shown we can develop software without any money."

At another point in time, one will hear exactly opposite advice:

"Free software is a matter of liberty, not price."

"Actually we encourage people who redistribute free software to charge as much as they wish or can.."

"If modified works or machine-readable versions of GPL- or LGPL-licensed software are distributed, they must be licensed at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License."

Note, the above quotations are actual quotations.. they are not made up examples, rather they are actual quotations from Stallman and GNU license material. They completely contradict each other if you think about them carefully. When Stallman says they can develop software without any money, he is literally lying and defrauding people intentionally by not disclosing the actual salaries required to pay for "free software".

Free software is "subsidized software" that requires lots of money. A server bill and electricity costs for hosting GNU or open software can cost thousands of dollars per month due to bandwidth. Multiply that by thousands of GNU software servers out there offering huge GigaByte downloads... Yes, free software is subsidized: someone is paying huge bills. Replicating software is NOT free like the liars will try and tell you.

The whole idea (lie) is that software is "different" because you can copy it at no cost, whereas hardware requires costs to make copies of physical materials. Just check out the OpenBSD server bill and see how much "free software" really costs per month to "serve" to free people.... is it $4000 per month, is it $30,000? take a guess. OpenBSD is a small project, now think about larger Linux GNU projects. Guess how much it costs to subsidize these freetard GNU projects.

Note: While reading this page, if you are already a brainwashed GNUtard, you'll probably say "but free software is not about cost!". If you think this, you definitely have been missing the whole point of this page and you need to think for a minute about what is being shown here on this website. Free cost is literally right in the GPL 2 license, and stallman ALWAYS has made it about free cost. The quote on the home page of this site says he doesn't like you buying cars, houses, or anything that costs "money". Think. Unbrainwashing begin {} end.

Stallman... Indeed a truly delusional, paradoxical, contradicting, nonsensical fool. Not just one fool, Stallman - but an entire cult. It is not surprising, however, since cults work this way - they seem completely senseless and unreasonable groups - and yet thousands will join happily.

The trick used by Stallman, mentioning that software must be free of charge, and at the same time that software should not be free of charge.. is the trick to attract both businesses and anti-businesses into his cult. People who want fame and more members in the cult, like Stallman, try and impress everyone on both sides of the forces. Even if the members of the cult are big businesses against what your cult stands for - free, no cost software - the cult still tries to attract those enemies into the cult so the cult will grow larger (and as a side effect: it grows sillier and sillier, with only morons falling for the whole scam, which unfortunately is a majority of the world ).

A truly a twisted lunatic, Stallman, and as many put it: a hypocrite.

Stallman's cult grows larger because it impresses everyone (who is a moron) - the ones against money, and the ones for money. Stallman has enemies joining his cult - everyone - BIG Businesses, and Business Haters at the same time. Stallman, a genius, has actually found a way to get the enemies working together so he can be more famous. Whether it be Sun Microsystems and MySQL, SuSE (which is tied to microsoft through novell agreements), Stallman gets them joined in somehow to promote his cult (directly or indirectly).

Stallman is very successful in managing one of the largest trickster cults in the world. Stallman is also one of the most successful English manipulators and English tricksters.. convincing fools worldwide of his nonsense. Might we also congratulate Stallman on his excellent propaganda skills too. He truly is a genius. Clever, but a fraud. Stallman is an expert in his crime.

Cult Entry Form

GNU spreads its long rambling exceptional confusing propaganda to idiot programmers worldwide who actually fall for the "freedom" cult - they join ship with the license called GPL - the entry form that gets one in to the cult.The license is so long that people do not read it, and join ship mainly because they see the word FREE everywhere. That, and role models such as Linus Torvalds made the brain damaged decision to join the cult - so if he joined, the mass will follow. In his defense, Linus does disagree with a lot of the cult, but he still ultimately joined (for pragmatic reasons of reusing lots of exising GNU software already made).

The Cult License And Philosophy

The GPL (so called FREE SOFTWARE LICENSE) is one of the longest, most confusing, and most restricting licenses in the world (i.e. not free).

The philosophy and the "four freedoms" that someone made up on a Tuesday evening are pure horse shit.

According to freedom one, I can run software for any purpose. True freedom indeed. So since I can use it for any purpose, does that include running a script to remove any traces of GPL licenses and re-licensing it all as BSD/MIT? I mean, that is true freedom.. to be able to use software for ANY purpose.

How about FREEDOM NUMBER 5 that Stallman missed: the ability to put source code and programs on someone's credit card, and the freedom to hold back software source code from people (since I have the freedom after all).

Oh, there are two answers to this one from the same person. One is that software freedom is NOT about price and that you can charge whatever you want for the software, and it is ENCOURAGED to make money off GPL. Two, is that "they must be licensed at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License.". Oops. Pooper. Check your hypocrisy alarm for a dead 9 volt battery, or read the GNU website for more details on the latest and greatest OFFICIAL definition of FREEDOM by our cult leader RICHARD STALLMAN. Be warned that the OFFICIAL definition of freedom changes every other week.

Exception after Exception

GPL 1, GPL 2, GPL 3, GPL 4, modification to freedom and exception number 3256. On and on and on.

The GNU, FSF, and GPL are one giant bowl of exception after exception cereal (Stallmanism, not freedom).

What is FREEDOM really

This is not about freedom freedom.. it is about the other freedom freedom. No not that one. Freedom specifically over here. See it? In the Stallman brain over here. Come on, over here.. no no, it is over here. Not that one.


True vagueness. A mess indeed. Is it really about freedom, or maybe is it an opinion of one lunatic who has modified his definition of FREEDOM and COST so many times that one cannot take the man seriously since ... not today, but since about 1980 something when he released the GNU MANIFESTO.

What about the ten commandments? Are those in the GPL too? Why is Stallman, one must ask, the official definer of FREEDOM?

Free Lunch is Not Free, It is Free

That's freedom for you - a vague meaningless term in fact. There is no free lunch, EXCEPT with Richard Stallman (credit card and cash at the restaurant is accepted, waitress must be tipped - because paying for a FREE lunch is not about COST, even though COST is one huge restriction, and even though the world is run by a currency).

But forget being sensible for a moment folks. Just head over to the GNU website and believe it all. Hidden in 5200 lines of rambling garbage about a distorted opinion of a demented man that has grown into a disease is a line that talks about FREE COST. The software MUST remain free of cost, according to the license. But folks, this is not about cost. It is not about cost. Get your ears checked. I said it was not about cost. But it is about cost.

"There is nothing viral in the GPL." --

"Please do not buy from Amazon" -- Richard Stallman

"Don't Buy From ATI - enemy of your freedom" -- Richard Stallman

"If you are ever in a situation like this, don't kill yourself in private. Make your death itself be a blow against the tyrant. Plead innocent; then kill yourself in the courtroom, with the jury and journalists watching, after defying the judge by shouting, 'I'm a medical marijuana grower'" -- Richard Stallman

"must be licensed at no charge " -GPL License
(GNUtards say it's not about free cost... sure..sure.. Cough Doublespeak Cough Cough Sneeze 1984)

"Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words." --Wikipedia
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