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Updated August 2015

GNG is not GNU.

Where does your DONATION to GNU end up?

Who gets compensated the most for free software in GNU? Not you, a hard worker.

About GNG

On this website you will find information on the scam known as Mr. Richard Stallman and the fallacious Free Software foundation.

Richard Stallman is a very talented and intelligent programmer, but he is seriously confused about freedom.


"Live cheaply," he said, offering some free advice. "Don't buy a house, a car or have children. The problem is they're expensive and you have to spend all your time making money to pay for them." --FSF's Richard Stallman

So my first goal was "source must be available and it must be free (as in beer)". Which my first copyright license reflects very directly. -- Linus Torvalds

It's not about Free Beer?

One of the main claims of Richard Stallman is that GNU software is not about "free beer" or "free cost", but about freedom in general. He (his entire organization) contradicts himself on his free software website several times when he claims free software is indeed something about money after all.

GPL Quote From Section 11:


Legally, GPL software is in fact free in cost, as it states right in the license. Not free as in freedom, free as in COST.

Stallman claims free software is not about free cost, but Stallman makes money a big issue on his websites. In some places he claims GNU users and programmers can make as much money as they want. Other places he claims free software is not about money and is about sharing with your communes that don't have money (see below screenshot, implying GNU software is about free cost after all!).

Free cost is in fact deeply tied into GNU software, but all GNU followers will deny it and pretend it is not about free cost at all. This contradiction is evidence of brainwashing, as anyone using logic can figure out that "free software" is tied to "cost" in many ways.

What is GNG?

GNG is a derecursive recursive derecursion which pwns GNU since it can be infinitely looped as GNGNGNGNG...NGNGNG... and can be said backwards too, whereas GNU cannot.

Notice: as this is the official GNG website, we are not affiliated with the official GNG website! We are also not in affiliation with the GNG OS or GNG Foundation.

The GNG acronym is a joke acronym. Mostly only programmers understand recursive jokes like above.

Serious Content

This website contains some jokes like the GNG acronym. However, it contains important serious facts about GNU and FSF proving it is a dangerous modern cult like organization. It is not a violent organization or anything like that. It is a cult that brainwashes software programmers and users virally. GNU constantly contradicts itself. By contradicting itself, it confuses humanity and manipulates people. Sadly, the GNU followers don't even know they are confused - they are very sure about their philosophy. Followers pretty much listen to whatever Stallman has to say, and are overly protective of his obvious contradictions.

Using simple logic one can see Stallman's free software website is full of flaws and paradoxes. Programmers are good at logic, and yet for some reason, GNU followers are not using logic to read the free software foundation website. We (GNG) want to find out why GNU followers are so cultish and brainwashed. We want to demonstrate to you the contradictions using logic and evidence.

"GNG" is anyone who understands the contradictions and extreme flaws of GNU philosophy.

Alternative Free Software

As GNG is not GNU, the website for GNG operating systems can be found below: You can also check out other free operating systems such as Minix who felt a BSD like license was more appropriate. Or you can even look into closed source operating systems like Microsoft Windows (they give away certain copies free with the purchase of hardware, via their Bing program).

The Problem

In short: GNU and FSF are a cult.

Where does your DONATION to GNU end up?

Who gets compensated the most for free software in GNU? Not you, a hard worker.

GNU and FSF is a contradicting and confusing mind game and legally troublesome scam.

All one has to do is read the GNU website, philosophy, and license.. and soon the skeptical reader will be twisting in his grave for hours trying to figure out what FREE means, according to one man - Richard Stallman. Had he only pulled out his dictionary, and realized he is not one. GnuTards are not skeptics.

Unfortunately, many people that fall for Stallmanism do not even know they are falling for Stallmanism.

Free: "Not under control or power of one another" -- dictionary
Once you release software under GPL, the GNU and FSF (and its members) own you and your code - you have given it up to the cult.
Free: "Not burdened by obligations" -- dictionary
Obligations, hey. How about the obligation to include long cult like licenses with your source code, with the mailing address of Stallman's donation center embedded into all your sources to make him and his lawyers famous and rich. How about the obligation to not charge money for source or software under GPL, as it says so clearly in Stallman's license (even if you can fraudulently charge for other services, directly or indirectly related to the software - making those services un-free and unethical - which no one seems to ever acknowledge since only software itself must be ethical (religious cult focus, remember, on a few points - but not the whole picture)).
Free: "With no cost or charge" -- dictionary
This is obvious.

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