Big Government Police State: Forcing Software Tax on the People

"All sorts of development can be funded with a Software Tax:
Suppose everyone who buys a computer has to pay x percent of the price as a software tax. The government gives this to an agency like the NSF to spend on software development."
--Richard Stallman
Stallman wants to tax people through big government force, at the expense of innocent hardware companies and consumers, to forcefully pay certain people to develop software. This is like those who think we should have food stamps and not be able to choose our own groceries, because big brother wants to control what food we can buy and where.
"Low-paying organizations do poorly in competition with high-paying ones, but they do not have to do badly if the high-paying ones are banned." --Richard Stallman

Stallman wants to ban successful people. Let's use big governement force (police state) to ban people who make more money. So if someone comes up with a compiler that is better than GCC and it makes the big bucks, stallman will ban it. Banning is the only way to fight successful people in a communists mind, you see. Now what would happen if we banned consulting on cruise ships and forced stallman to give away all his consulting like MIT Courseware gives away education and consulting.. We'd have to tax someone to pay stallman because stallman was banned from making a living consulting and educating. Moving the goal posts, anyone?

Ban, ban, ban! Let's ban it. Let's censor people too. Freedom is banning. Freedom = Taxation. 1984. Restriction = freedom.? Doublethink

"People with new ideas could distribute programs as freeware, asking for donations from satisfied users, or selling hand-holding services. I have met people who are already working this way successfully." --Richard Stallman

Wow stallman, People with new ideas could distribute their consulting as MIT licensed courseware, and freely distribute their hand holding services on mailing lists which are just bits of information (text) or videos, replicatable just as software is... Then you could charge for the software itself since you gave away the consulting. Oops. Charging for software is unethical, I completely forgot. Only charging for other things is ethical, in the mind of a one trick pony cult member. Now we understand stallman. You want people to release FREEWARE. You said it. FREEWARE. So it is about free of charge after all.

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Some extremely confused people say...

"I personally don't believe FreeSoftware is communistic - in fact it is much like pure capitalism!" -- C2 Wiki. LOL
Taxing people with government force equals libertarian free market system, totally. Pure capitalism. Kind of like Citibank/GM bailouts - pure capitalism through government socialism. Er, uhm. Wait, who's confused again? The cult followers and logic twisters of the 21st century, and the 22nd.

It's not about free cost! It's not about free cost! It's about free speech! You can charge as much as you wish, as long as you license it FREE OF CHARGE. Just charge for services and consulting, yo. Move the goal posts, one soccer ball at a time.

"Overall, trying to sell support for free software tools to software developers was pretty much a complete bust." --Bill Barr, Cygnus Solutions

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