It is unethical to charge money for scizzors.

Scizzors are used over and over again and can be sharpened easily. Sharpening scizzors is fun too.

Although it takes a small amount of time to make scizzors initially, like with software (it only takes a few minutes to code an operating system from scratch), the scizzors itself are used over and over again on thousands of people's hair.

It is antisocial and unethical to restrict people from cutting hair by charging a fee for scizzors. Cutting the hair can be done over and over and over again once the scizzors are made - therefore charging for the scizzors is unethical. Charging for sharpening the scizzors, and for sharpening the hockey skates is also unethical since one can instead charge for the ice time of the skates being used, or by moving the goal posts and charge for charging.

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