You should be freeing the veggies. You can easily clone vegetables. Making another copy of a tomato is not THAT hard. Yes it takes a bit of work to plant and clone a tomato plant for your friends.. but water and sunlight is free - you have free rain. What more could you ask for. The plants DO NOT require any system administration.. they grow themselves! Yes you could prune them.. but that is fun. It's not something you charge money for, you unethical twit.

Sure, planting vegetables takes some effort.. but so does programming software. Gardening, should be FREE and you are ANTI SOCIAL if you charge people for your tomatoes and seeds.

Why in the WORLD would you charge money for gardening when it is so fun, just like software programming? The freedom of the tomato seeds MUST be preserved. Food freedom is far more important than software freedom.. since humans rely on food, not software.

You should only charge people for your stress.. that you went through... growing the plants.

Or charge people for the SMOKING of the mary-jane.. but not actually the mary-jane leaf.

You can charge for the ethanol fuel that you use in your truck to ship your tomatoes to people. And the butane that's in the lighter to light your maryjane plants. Don't worry about the truck driver... he enjoys driving the truck and it would be unethical to charge for an activity that is fun.

The ethanol is actually made from sugar cane and beet plants which are grown freely like tomatoes.. and it is unethical to charge for beet plants and sugar cane since they come from free seeds.

But you can COMPILE unethical fuel (ethanol).. and charge money for it - using yeast to ferment the sugar. You can even embed the ethanol in someone's fuel tank and charge for that. Or you can charge for the bottles that you ship the ethanol in - as long as the glass that you made the bottles with was not from sand, since sand is freely available on beaches and it would be antisocial to charge a fee for free sand.

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