Trees in the forest are free.. no one said that trees had to be owned by some government.. they are ours, if we put up a FTF (free tree foundation).

If I take a tree, and turn it into a table.. this table will last me 20 years before it needs a repaint or re-varnish.

Someone who develops the table free on there own time out of enjoyment.. should be able to

  1. cut a tree down for his materials.. with an axe
  2. no electrical or gas costs.. he used an axe
  3. no heavy labor costs because the tree cutting was fun
  4. no heavy labor costs because assembling the table was fun
  5. some people PREFER outdoor work and do not like software work...
  6. therefore.. in many cases, the freeness of cutting trees is free-er than programming.
Therefore we conclude that hardware, such as wood tables, are EXACTLY as difficult to produce as software.. or in many cases even less difficult if the person ENJOYS being outdoors getting free exercise. Here in Edmonton, he would have had to pay $5 for exercise at the Edmonton Kinsmen Leisure center - whereas he should have the freedom to cut down a tree for exercise without being restricted by this fee! Note: I use he, rather than she/he because I'm sick and fkn tired of GNU/LINUX style slashes. If you are a female, go on and shake a stick.

Furthermore, if one finds trees to cut down near a lake.. he can use the lake freely as his bath and shower. No shower heating costs as the person was hot from exercise and needed the cool lake.

No vehicles are required.. the trees can be towed away with Husky work dogs and a sled in the Snow here in Edmonton, or on horses with carts where there is not as much snow. Huskies and horses are HAPPY to freely eat mice and occasionally moose, and grass.. no costs there. Poop cleanup from them.. again.. it all decomposes into the atmosphere and clouds and sun, freely.

If one wants to CHARGE A FEE for the table? NO. Unethical. He can instead CHARGE FOR THE CONSULTING. The tree expert, can get paid for his CONSULTING about HOW to cut down trees.. BUT NOT for the table itself! Nor can one charge for wood tree seeds or wood tree plants that have been nurtured in a greenhouse or tree farm. Consulting can be charged on cruise ships, especially, since they are horrible places to be and people DESERVE to be paid on cruise ships.. but not always on other types of trips.

It is UNETHICAL to charge people for tables - because trees are free, the labor is fun, and not sharing the tables is ANTI-SOCIAL. Furthermore..

  1. a table requires NO SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE.
  2. a table requires NO SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR
  3. a table requires NO SALARY TO MAINTAIN IT.. like MANY UNIX systems do.
  4. yes a table needs to be re-varnished in 20 YEARS.. not every DAY or WEEK like software
Therefore, tables and wood has some BENEFITS that make it EASIER to be free and easier to use and maintain than software. Trees come from seeds, which can be replicated/cloned too. Not as easy to replicate as software - but easier to maintain than software.. and easier to hold a plate of bread on. Therefore tables offer more bread and plate freedom. It may seem magical that software can be replicated so easily, but it may seem magical that a table can hold plates on it and software cannot.. therefore both are equal in freedom capability (in fact the table is more important than software for our needs, and therefore should be more free as it is more important.. since we must eat food on something, but we don't have to have software to eat food).

It takes a while for trees to grow.. But hold on a minute. The time it takes for a tree to grow, is the same time that it takes for people to continually maintain software, over and over again each day when they boot up. Consider how much time you spend in config files and cleaning your disk and that nonsense. The tree growth, is automated growth.. not requiring tons of brain work.. it just grows.

In other words.. YES it is partly difficult to maintain and replicate free software (if you argue it is EASY, then look at Theo's electrical bill for OpenBSD and shove a fkn plum up your arse for being an idiot to think bandwidth of a million visitors is cheap).. And YES it is difficult to maintain and replicate trees. Both tables and software are difficult in their own ways. Despite what everyone thinks, tables and software are not THAT different when it comes to freedom of speech/cost/sex whatever. What they are different in is that we NEED tables and we don't need software.. we need tables to eat on.. so tables are MORE IMPORTANT to be free than software. Yet there is a focus on free software.. and the free software folks just don't understand the whole picture since they are so ignorantly focused on free software software software software.. nothing more, nothing less than software software software.

Trees and tables can actually hold physical objects, such as a plate of food, a huge benefit which software cannot do. Therefore a table has infinitely more freedom than software, in a free bread or free plate sense. Software does have replicative freedom... but tables have the ability to hold plates and objects! This ability to hold plates and objects is a huge requirement. Software can't hold a plate of food up in mid air! Tables are magic. Just like how software is magically replicative, tables have magic features that JUST SO HAPPEN not to be replicative features. Actually, adding to that, trees are replicative, therefore tables can be easily replicated.

Yes there is labor involved in cutting a tree.. just as there is labor involved in programming software. But once the table is made, it requires almost no maintenance for 20 years, and the table can hold objects.. something that software cannot do.Software requires continual maintenance and/or it cannot hold objects in thin air like a table can... So the fact that software is easy to replicate does not make it a 'better candidate for freedom' than tables. Tables have magical qualities that make them worthy of freedom, just like software has magical 'replicative' qualities.. i.e. one can copy software.

The fact that one can copy software does not automatically make software much more worthy of freedom than a table. Yet in today's society tables are NOT Free.. as in speech/cost/sex/etc. What all the free software folks try to fool you into believing is that software is 'different' so it is magically more worthy of freedom.. hence we can have free software but not free tables. This, as I have proven several times in this article, is just a very common misconception/fallacy.. and it is why we have the FSF when in fact it should be called Stallmanist Foundation.

What they (FSF folks) don't understand or what they are purposely hiding, is that tables offer magical qualities that software does not.. just as software offers magical qualities that tables do not.. and neither are more worthy of freedom just because it takes an axe to cut a tree. Someone will claim the axe costs money and it is different.. but one will argue that the keyboard costs money and is the axe, and that once again a table is maintenance free for 20 years until it needs to be re-varnished.. whereas software requires continual maintenance.

Yes it takes time for them to grow, but it also takes hours and hours of time to maintain a codebase and server. Trees have no codebase maintenance, again another magic feature of trees that makes them even MORE worthy of being free than software.

The entire 'free software' idea is based on this ONE SINGLE idea that software is easy to replicate.. so it must be free. But, tables are easy to hold plates of food.. so they must be free. Tables last 20 years and need not be maintained like software does, and offer that magic. Software offers replicative magic. But software cannot hold a plate of food on it.. so it only has this one power and that is replicative power. But tables have powers which are just as powerful as software's replicative power... replication is NOT the only thing one should base freedom on. Unless the person is blind and is wearing sunglasses that have stickers on them that say 'oranges can be free, but grapefruits cannot, because because because."

If you FAIL to see what I'm talking about.. read this page over AGAIN, and AGAIN until you FINALLY UNDERSTAND why software is NOT magically different than hardware.. especially hardware that one can GROW - such as sugar cane and alcohol from yeast fermentation, and wood from trees. You will argue that programmers like programming so they don't have to worry about payment for their code.. and I will argue that tree cutters like exercise since exercise prevents heart disease and cholesterol and such things. Your PAYMENT from tree cutting is your FREEDOM to not have cholesterol and if you so happen to ALSO get paid for consulting (but not for the table itself) then that is OKAY.

It is Stallmanism and everyone shall start calling it Stallmanism instead of Free Software. I want EVERYONE here, and everyone there.. to use the term Stallmanism from now on. No more 'free software' phrase. We must make this change immediately.. as the word 'free' has been completely damaged. If you EVER see anyone say 'free software' then please immediately point them to the GNG website which will explain WHY the phrase 'free software' is wrong.. and why the phrase Stallmanism is correct.

The structured site to point to about this issue, will be here:

The word 'free' is completely vague and meaningless.. whereas STALLMANISM is completely specific to the person who invented Stallmanism. It makes sense to name philosophies after the philosopher. I don't call my philosophy the 'fox philosophy' just because I have redefined the word 'fox' to mean 'dogs and cats that look kind of like foxes'. No, that would be the Larsism or the 505ism philosophy.. I'm fully free to think that foxes are the same as dogs and cats.. but that cannot be defined, it is only my philosophy or my perception.. therefore it is NOT the fox philosophy, it is my philosophy. Stallman's philosophies, are Stallman style thinking.. and hence they are Stallmanism philosophy... not 'free software', not Joe Smoker software, and not Plum software, not CatDogFoxApe software, and not Bum Paddle software. It is Stallmanism.

Also, for more information on why FREE HARDWARE is exactly the same as FREE TABLES and FREE SOFTWARE... see some old posts on the C2 wiki about free hardware idealism.. See also: (It discusses apple trees, the tooth fairy, Jesus, axes, cd-roms, server bandwidth, and video games.)

p.s. electricity, based on sugar cane and yeast. The yeast require no salaries and the sugarcane farming is FUN and gets people free exercise. Sunlight is free. I am speaking of free speech and ethical consideration.. not the cost of the electricity or the free beer. Yes, whenever someone brings up that 'but it is about free speech, not cost' you know they are talking bull shit because everything in our world today revolves around cost and cost always affects speech. So don't pull that one please, or I'll hit you over the head with semi-firm pillow.

p.p.s. Since hardware offers so many freedoms to us that software doesn't offer us.. the freedom to put a plate of food on my software is not even available and therefore software is very horrible compared to hardware.. in many ways hardware is much free-er. Even a loaf of bread can be held up on a table freely without any payments or ethical restrictions.. and it cannot be held up in thin air on software.. which means tables offer more bread freedom than software. Software can be replicated but it cannot hold up bread on plate therefore its replicative qualities are no longer magical.. rather the table becomes much more free, ethically, for holding up plates and bread.

p.p.p.s I didn't mean to make it such a long article.. the GNG (gng is NOT gnu) website will contain smaller sections in the future. If it COSTS anyone (as in COST) then I can't pay, because I believe in freedom to waste bandwidth and write articles.. not cost to send articles to your connection, but rather the freedom of bandwidth. It's freedom of bandwidth, not cost. Whether it costs or not, is besides the point, since it is not about cost, but about not costing. If you don't understand - well neither do I. But if that last sentence just cost you any time thinking about it, remember it is about free time, not free cost. Sorry.

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