Consulting is prostitution.

Free the sex, free the consulting, free the books, free the software. Otherwise it ain't fair.
GPL is just moving the goal posts.

One and one is two.

Free the taxi driving, free the gardening, free the books, free the tables.

Then there is nothing left to charge for. But you could always charge for charging. (see the songs)

See also Restricting Stallman And FSF To Pay Me

Have a read: Close Source Knowledge and Closed Source Consulting

For more discussion on the problem with consulting and education (which can be replicated just like software) see Please Stop Using GNU Licenses

Hypocrisy alarm... Richard Stallman charging money for (restricting) speech:

A typical GNUtard will argue "but it's not about cost, he's not restricting speech, he's just demanding you pay him a big lump sum before anything comes out of his mouth, there is no restriction there, none whatsoever, he's just asking for a huge amount of money so that the words come flowing out of his mouth only after thousands of dollars come from your wallet - no restrictions there - he's not restricting speech. no no it's not about cost you see, even though GPL 2 says "must be licensed free of charge" and Stallman says "don't buy a house because it costs money" (quote on gng front page).. No, no, this has nothing to do with money."
(At this point you fall over laughing at their hypocrisy and 1984 George Orwell Doublespeak (newspeak)).

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