Quotes from other people regarding Free(tard) Software

Free software... "makes the software development world look more like the rock star world:
- a handful of guys (RMS, ESR, Linus, Miguel) get a lot of money and recognition
- the other 99% of the guys barely make a living"
--Fog Creek Software Random Commenter

"Eric Raymond (ESR) and Richard Stallman (RMS)" were "asked how they pay their rent.
These are guys who live on grants...
I remember that RMS said that he doesn't own a car, because he thinks the kind of lifestyle that requires a car is too expensive for him, and that he lives in campus dormitories.
Well.. that may be fine for him, but it's certainly NOT the lifestyle I am willing to accept!"
--Fog Creek Software Random Commenter

"Overall, trying to sell support for free software tools to software developers was pretty much a complete bust."
--Bill Barr, Cygnus Solutions

..."ESR basically got handed 150,000 shares of VA Linux when it went public in 1999 (just for being a swell guy), and how, for at least a while, he was worth close to $40,000,000. Those 150,000 shares at today's LNUX prices would be worth around $540,000 -- still nothing to shirk at, but it's a world different from the original amount. Of course LNUX has probably been continually dumping shares in his lap while the price submarined, so ESR may still be quite wealthy.

So what did ESR do when all this money (enough to pay for 450 person years of a pretty high developer's salary) seemed to fall in his lap? Did he refuse it, all to enhance shareholder equity and avoid stock repurchases that would lead to price increases to the end consumer (per his recent moronic comments)? Did he talk about how he would set up a Linux deveopment centre to enhance and expand the technically capabilities of Linux?
Of course not."

--Dennis Forbes
"ESR got a lot of money, while at the same time preaching and pushing more and more programmers to work for free.
Isn't this a bit hypocritical?"


"Stallman advocates: banning commercial software and commercial software companies. The stated purpose of the GPL is to destroy all programming jobs which pay better than what is earned by a poorly paid university researcher or a starving graduate student. "
--C2 Wiki commenter
(similar remarks here: stallman's manifesto and strange communist ideas)

"FSF is not a regular non-profit. It's a very closed organization that guards its secrets probably no less, if not more then any corporate or religious cult headquarters."

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