GNG Testimonials

A recovered one writes: "But linux, is so tempting to use on the server, it is free.. and... that is how they got me. That was the ticket in. A software developer came knocking on my door and asked me to join their religious group... what choice did I have? He gave me a free CD and helped me with my computer. He did not even charge me for the CD, and did not think it was necessary. He showed me pictures of cute horned animals and it looked like their entire website was about animal rights. They seemed like a great group. They gave me this long license which seemed to be an exact copy of either the ten commandments or the communist manifesto, but I could not finish reading it in three weeks so I just skipped it and joined. The guy gave me a FREE cd after all. What was I to do? A FREE cd. A FREE cd that I could CHARGE money for, and tell people it is FREE but that it costs money if I wanted. I had truly lost it at this point. I do not know if they used a pill in my drink, or what. All I could think of was, a FREE linux cd, wow. But now I am attending rehabilitation at "GNG is not GNU", and they are unbrainwashing me. It is going well. GNG has saved my life."

Another recovered fellow writes: "GNG recovered my 10 dollars that I paid to the cult member for a FREE cd. They claimed the FREE cd was not FREE, but that it was FREE. Freedom was to cost 10 dollars. At one point I bursted out in laughter and hit my arm on my face a few times in error. But then they got me. It was like they somehow took me over at that point with their brainwashing and the FREE 10 dollar linux cd. They threatened to not offer any "free" support ($1200 extra). I said how can you restrict me from free support? That is not freedom! But I just started lying to myself, believed whatever the GNU cult stated, word for word, eye for nipple. The guy in the red hat took my credit card numbers. I blindly followed GNU, and got my friends in too, and big corporations. But "GNG is not GNU" got my money back and recovered me via their debrainwashing meeting! We are working on my friends still.. most of them are fu-bar."

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