Books are unethical because books can be replicated at no cost with a photocopier. Tiny amounts of ink costs are similar to tiny amounts of time it takes to maintain source code and tiny electricity costs for running computers to maintain source code.

A book replicating machine has been made already.. the photocopier. And no one is doing anything about book freedom, because selling a book is magically different than selling software code. Software code contains personal source comments and personal tips in it and personal algorithms.. just as books contain personal tips. ORielly books contain source snippets in them too.

O'Rielly or O'Reilly (however the eff they spell his name) is a fraud.

[Year 2007 Joke: five or ten years later, Bill Orielly from Fox (is that the right guy?) probably reads this page and releases something called "Open Books" or some odd thing... hmph]

For more on this, see: Demand Tim Oreilly To Open Source Books and also see Closed Source Knowledge and Open Source University Scared Professor

Charge For Books! Charge For Source!

Many GNU folks charge money for books.. but demand all source be given away free of charge and speech. That's just moving the goal posts.

Books are harmful because they can be photocopied and we are not allowed to resell them without complicated permission first.

The photocopier is the machine that makes copying books virtually free.. similar to CD-ROM drives.

Eggs are harmful because they do not come with reproductive chickens.

The chicken is the machine that makes copying eggs virtually free.. similar to CD-ROM drives.

Yet there is no free book license or free egg license, because personal source comments in code are different than personal comments and algorithms on paper in O'Reilly books.

There is the GNU Free Documentation License which if you can't charge money for your book or your documentation about your code, how are you going to make a living, ever? Sell hardware... oops but with 3D printers hardware is free... Okay so let's sell the oil and natural gas to make the plastic then... Moving the goal posts... The oil and natural gas came from Nature. Nature is you guessed it, free. You can't charge for nature since nature is all about replicating things (DNA is just like software). You can grow more vegetable oil to create natural plastics and replicate more plastic from vegatable seeds... you don't need finite oil in the ground, you can grow oil just as you can grow and replicate more software code.

What can you charge money for then? The drugs! The drugs to understand freedom. Or you could charge money for the goal posts you are moving.

Or we could just get the government to tax us more so all programmers and tree growers and food growers and poppy seed growers could get paid magically from nothing. After all, communism is about freedom. It is after all the year 1984 where doublespeak is rampant. Oh yeah, but the government is a business and has to make the money from somewhere before it gives away its money to the programmers... oops, now big gov is just like Big Microsoft or Big Google.. The government you have created is now some kind of strange GNU Microsoft big corp that makes money from... nothing at all... Much a'do about nothing.

Where does a communist country get its money from? Exporting its goods to capitalist countries, or by printing more money with a printer.. And since money can be replicated at virtually no cost... it's the same as GNU software? Or just get rid of money and go back to fur trading posts where we trade chickens for software code (but since both are free, we shouldn't trade them at all.. since that is unethical - we should just give them away like proposed in Zeitgeist or ideal utopian Communism).

Reality Check

Source comments, inside code.. ARE a book. My code always contains personal comments around my algorithms explaining why I came up with that algorithm and how the person can use the algorithm. Therefore since source code and source comments are just like a book, especially just like an O'Rielly book where I explain my algorithms.... BOOKS ARE THE SAME AS SOURCE CODE.

How many books does Richard Stallman have? Since books are unethical, it wouldn't be surprising to see Richard Stallman throw away all his useful books in favor of freetard books released only under the GNU Free Documentation License... But going further he would have to throw out all his eggs that didn't come with chickens.. since eggs can also be easily replicated if you have the chicken included with the egg. After all taking care of chickens takes less brain power than taking care of complex software such as an operating system that continually has way more challenges than designing shit funnels in an outdoor shed.

If you are wearing GNU sun glasses, please remove them before reading this article as the point will only be visible if you are not blind.

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