It has BSD code in it.. you have to call it BSD/GNU/Linux, Richard Stallman... OpenSSH and much more, is NOT gnu code. I repeat it is not GNU code. And a million zillion other things in Linux are BSD based. What's that bsd code doing in Microsoft, you say? How about what's that BSD code doing in GNU/Linux, folks!

Richard Stallman is obnoxiously insistent on calling it "Gnu Linux" instead of Linux. What he fails to realize is that it's really a BSD/GNU/Linux mixture, and ignoring BSD's contributions is typical, from a hypocrite thought crime police man who tells you what you should and should not call Linux, i.e. Richard Stallman.

Well the GNG court of law has spoken, and yes, it's BSD/Linux/Gnutard. or BSD/Linux.

TCP/IP sockets anyone?

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