Restrict Information (FREE, FREE, FREE)

Here's that bullshit about free as in free speech, not free beer...

You go up to a guy and ask him a question, he asks you to pay him money first before he speaks... True freedom indeed! Having to pay $140 just to get information on free software or free philosophy.

Here is a screenshot of the latest FSF scam noted. Free web forums! For a low price of $140 you can learn about "Free software".

"This guys Free Software Foundation doesn't even let you sign up for the FSF forums unless you pay 140 dollars. What do you have to say about that 'Free Software and Information'. He's a f**king hypocrite." --Youtube Commenter, J. Blevins

Wait that sounds like a proprietary forum implmented to make money. But it's not about free as in money, it's about free as in speech.

Okay so demanding 140 coins before words come flowing out of your mouth into my ears is not a constraint, in any way, and restricts your freedom not at all, right? Money has nothing to do with freedom? And that's the issue with gnutards.

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