Stallman, no Security Dorks

Video: Richard Stallman Talks Security

Well, Richard Stallman of the FSF has made a fool of himself again. In a video where he is interviewed, he speaks about how systems and mainframes should not have security because essentially security literally equals fascism.

But dummy dummy Stallman spoke too soon, because the first thing Stallman himself values is his own personal security: which is why he hates being tracked by GPS, he uses GnuPG secure signatures (those are a joke, but that's another story, the point is he values security). Stallman doesn't like when your web data is tracked, doesn't like google because it breaches your personal security. So I guess since Stallman values security, he is the biggest fascist.

What's a word that starts with H, ends in E... oh shit that's not hippo critter is it?

Stallman is constantly whining about how google invades your personal privacy (i.e. SECURITY). Does stallman use drapes or blinds on his windows? does he have a voicemail system to check land line phone messages and does he value the fact that no one can log in and listen to his calls and voice mails... because he is a FASCIST, since he values security?

I guess Stallman's data should all be open, so for example without any security on this mainframe we live in called the real world, I demand that Stallman not have any password for his email account and that any body be able to log in and view, and use, his email.. after all shouldn't hackers (idiots) have the free access to Stallman's information? I also demand GnuPG (GPG) email signatures be hackable so anyone can use anyone's, without any security. Or how about basic server security like his fucking FTP server - shouldn't anyone be able to log in to GNU website and modify any page? To their liking. Like a unsecure open wiki, where anything goes. Shit goes down folks!

Now I do agree with Stallman that Apple tards and fanboys are absurd, and, well retarded.

I'll continue this article later, this is getting really boring with Stallman being a hypocrite pretty much 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Fuck this shit, I'm out.

Richard Stallman Talks Security

Just another ass making a donkey of himself... this is an insult to all donkeys.

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