Richard Stallman, Ethics that are always being violated

Stallman is against Android and MacOS because they interact with Binary blobs or are closed source software in some way or another. Stallman was caught bragging when Steve Jobs died and he was happy that the death occurred. This was in bad taste, and people were all over it. Google more details if you want.

The joke here is that every time Stallman fires up a web browser and uses something called "google" or pretty much any search engine, he's using proprietary code on some server that is not open. i.e. if you visit any website online, you're likely some how launching proprietary code to do your request, unless all the server code is pure GNU, which 99 percent of the time it isn't. Stallman probably doesn't use a web browser since it is unethical ... I don't know whether he has abandoned Google yet. Must research that further but wouldn't be suprised if he has abandoned pretty much the entire universe since the whole universe is unethical.

If you use yahoo, google, or even if you go to a USPS postal website, or a City/State gov website, you're likely firing off some proprietary code somewhere indirectly. The server interacts with a bunch of open source code and a lot of proprietary code, such as Google's proprietary file system, or even some COBOL code somewhere. Databases can be proprietary that websites interact with. Being ethical according to true GNU, is like trying to put chlorine in the ocean to make it pure. How much chlorine... does it take... No amount of GNU software will ever make the universe ethical, and GNU is not chlorine anyway.

In other words it is useless trying to be a purist free ethics boob, when the entire world runs thanks to proprietary code. A lot of these websites wouldn't exist without the help of some "for profit" proprietary corporation that actually pays its programmers. Could this all be done purely through only GNU code, in an ideal world? Well you'd end up with unethical hardware taxes forced on the people, likely, or some other corrupt system in place to subsidize GNU. Could it all be done with BSD code? well that's sort of how it works: a lot of real world companies make use of BSD code and cross polinate, and that's the practical real world. For example Sockets, or OpenSSH pretty much is everywhere, even if it's been forked.

Every time Stallman takes a taxi, uses an airplane, or steps on a Bus transit system, there is likely some proprietary unethical C code embedded on the chips that run the fuel system or engine control. So even though stallman doesn't touch a Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 Laptop since that is unethical to him, he's literally touching proprietary code every single day by going on buses, using taxis, airplanes, or whatever mode of transportation freetard bums use. You'd literally have to walk everywhere, to avoid proprietary code.

You think that airplanes, don't have some kind of proprietary code on them? It's all GNU on the airplane embedded system? sorry but that's just not the case. So using an airplane to get places, which Stallman likely does since he travels the world to speak, is just as unethical as touching an Windows laptop. In other words his ethics are not consistent: he pulls out his ethics when he wants to, and ignores them when he actually has to get real work done in the real world. He uses proprietary airplanes and taxis with non free C code and other embedded code, binary blobs, and such.

I may add more to this article later. Right now, I simply don't have much time for this discussing this hypocritical baloney.

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