Why is Stallman a twisted communist and not a twisted capitalist?

Stallman believes all software programmers deserve equal access to software (no money involved, code is shared beween communes equally).

This is not a capitalist view, where capitalists view individuals quite differently who buy software and other things with capital.

When it comes to consulting though, Stallman pulls out his GNU invoicing system and asks you to pay big bucks for his speeches on cruise ships. He's a closet capitalist (all twisted communists become capitalists when their bottom line is in jeopardy)

With GPL'd software, anyone who copies the software on CD media for example, can be a capitalist? Because Stallman claims that the software is licensed FREE OF CHARGE (GPL 2) but you can charge for copying, cloning, etc. Let's just think about that carefully for a moment. Why would anyone buy a CD, if one can download virtually all GPL software over the internet for free? Stallman knows this, but pretends you can charge whatever money you want for GPL software, pretending to be a free market capitalist.

Above is like a car dealership who uses slave labor to build you the cars, and doesn't pay the slaves anything, and claims that you can get your car free from the dealership and you can go off and resell it for whatever price you want. Except, if you try to resell that car, no one is going to buy it since you can just go to the car dealership and get it for free (analogy: GPL software car dealership is an internet web server - virtually all GPL software is downloadable for free, creating a fixed Communist monopoly FREE OF CHARGE).

Some people would argue that Stallman is a twisted capitalist, not a twisted communist. However capitalists have never been in favor of big massive government taxation that stallman is in favor of. The people who nitpick this website and say "no you've got it all wrong, stallman is a capitalist, not a communist" are like those who argue whether or not germany in 1943 was capitalist, fascist, socialist, nationalist... It's the same difference, arguing over the definitions of political words misses the entire point.

Most left wing folks in history have been in favor of taxation, or getting rid of money, and that is exactly what Stallman is trying to do... A capitalist is in favor of capital (in favor of money). To claim that someone who created a GPL license (v2) that says "FREE OF CHARGE" right in it is capitalist, is absurd to say the least. Communists have always tried to get rid of money as much as they possibly can, which is exactly what Stallman is doing. It would be nice if he made his proprietary consulting on cruise ships free of charge too, though, which he won't do since he's the course teacher over at university of Hypocrisy.

Now, I have no problem freeing things up in the world, like free solar power free natural gas, free food, but please, stallman, you charge hefty fees and restrict people from hearing your voice on cruise ships... that's not a free society. It's a restricted consulting society with FREEWARE source code, pure hypocrisy. In our songs page it goes something like "apples must be free but grapefruits cannot" if you find that secret page on this website. But it's not about FREE solar power as in cost! It's about free solar power as in Speech? Wait, moron, no, you can't compare SPEECH to solar panel, nor can you compare SPEECH to software because it isn't fucking the same thing.

Stallman pretends to be in favor of money like how a creationist pretends to be in favor of peer reviewed science... Stallman wants to attract both capitalists and communists into his cult, so he uses doublespeak to pretend it is about cost, but it's not about cost, at the same time. You can charge for, but you can't charge for. FREE OF CHARGE but CHARGE AS MUCH AS YOU WISH. Move the goal posts, like, apples are free, but oranges cost money. Or Delicious breed apples are free, but Granny Smith apples cost money. i.e. software consulting and education can all be freely replicated, so one cannot restrict consulting hypocritically while demanding software be released free of charge - it is 100 percent hypocrisy.

So the CD business and copying business goes broke and stale pretty quickly, once again proving that it's a communist utopia Stallman is wishing for, while he pretends you can make "as much money as you want" when that has proven to not be the case. The only people who buy linux CD's are those who can't get access to the internet, and back in the 1980's Stallman made a killing on selling floppies/tapes since there was no internet. Today almost everyone has high speed internet. So maybe we should sell free software to poor people in Africa who have no internet? Seems like a viable market, to rip off the poor people so Stallman's lawyers can make a killing six figure income. Or if that fails, maybe charge for consulting then? Move the goal posts again? (Stallman calls it charging for hand holding, but that all can be done replicatively on mailing lists and MIT type open courseware. As soon as Stallman goes on a cruise ship, he is violating utopia by not replicating his consulting and restricting it to only those who paid hefty fees for words to flow out of his mouth, similar to microsoft who charges hefty (or sensible?) fees for 5 years use of Windows XP/7/8 (or 10 years for some).

Well, MIT Open Courseware is an example of why consulting and education is the same as software: it can be digitally replicated. So let's see you've provided free software, free education about software, free consulting about software over mailing lists, all this stuff can be digitally replicated. Stallman is implying is that consulting is not replicative and only software is. That's false. So Stallman hypocritically capitalizes on consulting (on cruise ships), when actually that is unethical according to utopia police who have brains. Stallman wants software to be communistic, but he hypocritically capitalizes on proprietary consulting that he could have taped and replicated. So since he capitalizes on consulting, he must be a capitalist and not a communist? GNG is discussing software communism, not consulting capitalism. What GNG is saying is that Stallman wants software to be communistic, but hypocritically is a closet capitalist. I.e. those criticizing this website are likely in full agreement they have to have something to nitpick to pretend they are not in agreement.

GNG has been criticized by many brainwashed cult members in denial which is similar to someone who exposes any cult, like scientology. GNG has also been criticized for being a proprietary website promoting proprietary software, when in fact GNG has offered thousands of lines of source code free using BSD and MIT and similar licenses, and GNG has even contributed to GPL software when there was no other choice.

The joke about a lot of GPL'd software is that it is released under a modified LGPL license (more permissive LGPL, such as the FPC rtl) which means most LGPL software is more like BSD/MIT licensed or mozilla licensed, or apache license, but has the LGPL false name at the top of the source file, pretending to be LGPL by that name, but it's really not. People modify the LGPL to their liking but we have to ask: why? If you're going to modify LGPL, then you aren't actually using LGPL, you are using something entirely different. Promoting stallman's cult by using LGPL at the top and embedding his donation address at the top of every source file, doesn't a sense make. You aren't really using LGPL if you've modified it severely (like FPC RTL), so why are you promoting this figurehead Stallman with the LGPL advertising at the top of the source files? It's just further supporting Stallman's ridiculous religious cult.

So if you throw away this site because you found one word didn't fit your definition (Laynes Law: arguing over the definition of words, over at c2 wiki)... then you're simply throwing away the baby with the bathwater.

Some people will read through the GNG site and say "Ah ha! I found an error! He used the word capitalist wrong or communist wrong, therefore the entire site is incorrect!" (those unfamiliar with Laynes Law from c2 wiki.) Find a spelling mistake on this website? Throw the whole site away, because a spelling mistake or misuse (in your opinion) of a certain word on this site means the entire website is incorrect (sarcasm).

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